Baby C’s One Year Pictures! * Frederick MD Children’s Photographer

It was great to see baby C and her mommy again Saturday! Baby C is on year old and she’s as cute as can be.  Mommy brought along lots of fun stuff to take pictures with, including a cake.  Baby C made it through 2 hours of shooting…that never happens with her age. I love it when the photo shoot ends with a bath in my kitchen sink!

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Baby A’s One Year Shoot * Frederick MD Children’s Photographer

Baby A is one!  I can’t believe how big she has gotten! She came for pictures Saturday with her big brother and her mommy and daddy. We tried a few different things with everyone in the studio and that didn’t go so well.  So daddy and big brother went for a walk and mommy and I were able to get some adorable shots.  When the boys came back, she was in a much better mood and we were able to get some of her and big brother together.  I used my daughter Katie’s information for one of the photos.  I don’t use my customer’s names online without permission. 

I love the declining mood…she was over it but we kept pushing her. She’s just so stinkin’ cute, we couldn’t help it.

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Ms L’s Senior Pictures * Frederick MD Senior Portrait Photographer

Yesterday I rode out to Harper’s Ferry WV for a senior portrait session.  She lives right on the river and wanted to a few shots there as well as some in the little historic town of Harper’s Ferry. Ms’ L is beautiful.   She loves her cowgirl boots and her dog…she’s a country girl at heart.

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The Twins Are 3 Years Old * Frederick MD Family Photographer

Remember how much fun a balloon could be?  A few of these shots will remind you…  I was so happy to see this family on the schedule this morning.  I love working with them.  Big brother is one of the best big brothers ever.  He’s so sweet to his little twin brothers.  It warms my heart to watch this family interact with one another.  Mom and Dad have a great sense of humor and are totally in touch with the 3 different personalities they are raising. I am blessed to able to watch them grow up!

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Baby E’s Newborn Session * Frederick MD Newborn Photographer

Meet the beautiful Baby E.  She is grandchild number 4 for one of my very loyal customers.  Grandma sends all of her Grand babies to me as soon as they are born.  Baby E’s session was in the evening, which can be hit or miss.  We started out strong, posing her with her big brother and cousins who stopped in for a quick group shot for Grandma, putting her tiny baby body into Daddy’s fireman boot, and laying her on her Creative memories album… a requirement for all new babies in this family as Grandma is a Creative Memories consultant and makes beautiful albums for all of her grand babies.  Then Baby E woke up and stayed awake for quite a while. Daddy and big brother went out and picked up dinner for everyone.  Thank you very much for that!! It was getting late so Daddy pointed out that Baby E looked adorable, awake with the pacifier in her mouth, and perhaps I should just take the pictures like that.  Mommy and I had a good laugh and I explained that he had been taken hostage until the baby fell asleep and we got the shots we wanted. Eventually baby E could fight my baby sleeping tactics no more, and we were able to finish up.  

I made this one into a Facebook banner for Grandma.

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