Maternity Session * Frederick MD Maternity Photogarapher

It was great to meet this couple Saturday.  They were a lot of fun to work with.  We did a couple of my fun new things, and mom brought along some great props as well.  I can’t wait to meet their new little guy!

I love the freckle in mom’s belly button!

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Baby K’s One Year Old Photo Shoot * Frederick MD Children’s Photographer

It was great to see baby K again this morning.  She was only 6 days old the last time I saw her. Mommy and Daddy brought along her favorite toy… her Xbox controller! Once she warmed up to me I discovered a great personality.  She is such a happy baby. She has just the right amount of adventurous spirit, a little afraid of new people (smart girl) but once she felt safe she had fun with whatever we threw at her.  She rocked her cake smash, and  I have been trying to get one year old legs to stand in grown up shoes for a very long time… Baby K nailed it, and her legs are just yummy! 

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Baby Thalia’s Newborn Session * Frederick MD Newborn Photographer

I don’t usually use the baby’s name or tag photo’s but baby Thalia’s (pronounced Ta-lee-a) grandpa is a friend of mine and I got special permission.  So…meet beautiful, 4 day old, baby Thalia.  Her grandpa called her Carlos for couple of days until mom and dad decided on her name.  4 day old babies are especially easy to work with, however little Thalia gave me a run for my money in the first part of the shoot.  After her second feeding she conked out nicely and I knew I would be able to get any shot I wanted.  Mommy requested a few poses including the one on the guitar (Daddy plays).  It was great to meet Ashley and baby Thalia, and hang out with my friends Scot and Alex while I worked this morning.  I loved cuddling with this little cutie pie. 

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Baby C’s One Year Pictures! * Frederick MD Children’s Photographer

It was great to see baby C and her mommy again Saturday! Baby C is on year old and she’s as cute as can be.  Mommy brought along lots of fun stuff to take pictures with, including a cake.  Baby C made it through 2 hours of shooting…that never happens with her age. I love it when the photo shoot ends with a bath in my kitchen sink!

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Baby A’s One Year Shoot * Frederick MD Children’s Photographer

Baby A is one!  I can’t believe how big she has gotten! She came for pictures Saturday with her big brother and her mommy and daddy. We tried a few different things with everyone in the studio and that didn’t go so well.  So daddy and big brother went for a walk and mommy and I were able to get some adorable shots.  When the boys came back, she was in a much better mood and we were able to get some of her and big brother together.  I used my daughter Katie’s information for one of the photos.  I don’t use my customer’s names online without permission. 

I love the declining mood…she was over it but we kept pushing her. She’s just so stinkin’ cute, we couldn’t help it.

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